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Asbestos Removalist for Hospitals

Hiring an asbestos removalist for hospitals, to audit any areas that you suspect contain asbestos is one of the safest and wisest decision you will make in regards to identifying and removing asbestos from public or private hospitals.

S.S.M Asbestos Removalist secures hospitals is free from asbestos threat.

Since the year 1995, we have been conducting costs effective and safe asbestos removal from hospitals across Victoria by using the correct protocols and accredited techniques in the asbestos removal industry.

For 25 years, our team have worked on a variety of sectors in Victoria including Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transport, Government, Industrial and Commercial sectors.

Our Team are highly experienced, undertake regular training, and we endeavour to give our clients the most protected asbestos removal, with minimal disruption and downtime to hospice operation.

Asbestos Removalist for Schools

Class A Asbestos Removal for hospitals

Our Class A asbestos licence enables us to safely take out both the Class A and Class B asbestos from a variety of environments and worksites. The Class A asbestos license means we are licensed to remove the highly hazardous friable asbestos that may easily crumble and become airborne fibres endangering the nearby environment.

Looking for A Class A Asbestos Removal Solution?

If your hospital is looking for experts in Class A asbestos removal, call or email Steve for an onsite audit.

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