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Commercial Asbestos Removalist

S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition are highly regarded as a 5 star commercial Asbestos Removalist by their clients.

Regardless of the banning of asbestos for construction operation in the year 1985, there are lots of commercial and residential buildings standing now that contain asbestos. To combat the health risks associated with Asbestos, business owners and councils have enlisted the assistance of the S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition commercial asbestos exclusion services to safely remove and dispose of all asbestos containing materials in their buildings.

If you suspect that any of your buildings show evidence of asbestos, that places your staff at risk, we urge you to call S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition immediately to minimise WorkSafe issues.

The threat of asbestos in your commercial property

A natural fibrous mineral, asbestos contains tough fibres that are 200 times thinner when compared to a human hair. Asbestos is an excellent insulation and hard wearing material that is resistant to fire – and for that reason it was considered to be a superb construction material.

But, it took numerous years for the people to understand that loose fibres from the asbestos wreaked havoc to the lungs, and once inhaled the fibres they became lodged into the lungs. Over time the fibres caused chronic lung conditions, and frequent deadly cancers called Mesothelioma and asbestosis.


How do you know if you have asbestos in your building.

Simply put, it is quite difficult to identify asbestos if you are not trained in identifying it. Chances are that if the building was constructed before the year 2003 it is very likely that it will contains asbestos.

Normally, you may expect to discover asbestos in any of the following:

  • water drainage
  • roofing
  • pipe lagging
  • lifts and lift well
  • fibro sheeting
  • doors
  • ceiling cavities

Commercial Asbestos Removalist in Victoria

At S.S.M, our group of industrial asbestos removing experts are trained in identifying, removing, and in safely disposing of asbestos from commercial buildings.

Safely identifying and removing asbestos is a high task for the untrained and can place you, your staff and the surrounding environment to health risks that could have devastating litigious consequences.

If you suspect that any form of asbestos is present, do not hesitate to call us immediately for an expert assessment.

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At S.S.M Asbestos Removal and demolition our team are well trained and accredited by Governmental authorities. The responsibility becomes ours to ensure safe and risk free removal of all asbestos materials on your commercial property

If you suspect that any form of asbestos is present, do not hesitate to call us immediately for an expert assessment.