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Sale Asbestos Removal

S.S.M Asbestos Removal in Sale, Victoria has unparalleled knowledge and skills in commercial, residential and government projects that permits us to provide 5-star safety, security and Government approved processes when removing Asbestos from properties in Sale Victoria.

S.S.M is a well-recognized, reputable asbestos removal business that prides itself on proven experience and commitment to security. We are an insured, fully accredited and licensed asbestos removal business. The staff of S.S.M. are qualified asbestos removal specialists and approved through our EPA license. This guarantees that any hazardous asbestos on your property will be handled efficiently and safely by accredited and licensed asbestos specialists.


Our capability
We work with every aspect of asbestos removal & disposal, including:

  • Asbestos Air Monitoring.
  • 24/7 emergency responses for fire, wind,
  • water damage and spills.
  • Asbestos surveys, analysis, and testing.
  • Asbestos contaminated dust or ACD.
  • Asbestos pipe lagging with re-insulation.
  • Domestic projects.
  • Friable & bonded asbestos.
  • Removal from roofing, fences, tiles, wall
  • sheeting, and some other materials.
  • Repair of asbestos roofing and lined walls.
  • Safe transport & disposal of the asbestos wastes.
  • Soil decontamination and ecological remediation.

S.S.M Environmental Commitment
To coagulate our commitment to Environmental Responsibility, S.S.M uses the PEMP or Project Environmental Management Plans for each big Asbestos Removal Project. It involves mapping out and identifying what is required for the safe removal of asbestos on your property.

Through working with and also complying with the nationally identified and accredited standards and institutions, our clients can be confident with our analysis, and with expert Asbestos Removal we provide. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt our removal services with any project, whether we are removing asbestos on a commercial, residential, or industrial property.

If you believe there is evidence of hazardous asbestos on your property?

Contact Steve at S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition immediately so we can assist you with safe, innovative, and cost-effective removal services and advice.

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