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Paynesville Asbestos Removal

S.S.M is the Paynesville Asbestos Removal Specialist with over twenty-five years of trusted service.

Looking for an expert asbestos removal within Paynesville? Then, you are at the right place. The S.S.M. Group is Paynesville’s most trusted option for your asbestos removal and remediation services. With over 25-years of skills, we have a long-list of satisfied clients in the industrial, civil engineering, commercial and residential industry, we are aware of what it takes to complete the task of efficiently and safely removing extremely hazardous Asbestos materials.


The indiscriminate, widespread use of asbestos based products by the Australian construction business in the past few decades, will mean that potentially there are innumerable places around your property where ACM or Asbestos Containing Materials may be evident. If your building in Paynesville has been constructed prior to the year 1980, the chance that asbestos materials are present will be significantly higher than those that have been constructed after the year 1990.

We approach every asbestos remediation and removal in Paynesville with the highest care and diligence to make sure that there is no stone left unturned when this is about the safety and health of the occupants of your property. Our point-to-point service means that we take care of the whole asbestos removal procedure from the primary appraisal right the way through to the final cleanup.


  • Diversified Portfolio.
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Licensed Professionals.
  • EPA Accredited.
  • Safety First.
  • Transparent Pricing.

Our work diversity
S.S.M. provides Asbestos removal services in major and small establishments within the following sectors:

  • Asbestos Specialist for School
  • Domestic and commercial
  • Hospitals
  • Homeowners
  • Local Government
  • Shire

We are committed to providing the finest asbestos remediation services in Paynesville and surrounding areas at an affordable price. Every Paynesville asbestos removal project is carried out in agreement with the Safety Work Code Practices of Australia, and all relevant territory and state legislation is closely abided by to make sure that nobody is in danger of asbestos exposure.

If you believe you have found hazardous asbestos materials on your property, do not hesitate to call Steve as S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition.

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