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Gippsland Asbestos Removal

Our years of exceptional customer service and experiences make S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition one of the most trusted Gippsland Asbestos Removal specialists for the local homes, schools, businesses, and care facilities in Gippsland.

When a sample test becomes positive for asbestos, our team will calculate the scope of work, a price estimation and work schedule for the asbestos abatement. The moment that a plan is approved, the certified team of asbestos abatement specialists can get to work on removing all hazardous asbestos materials from your property. The asbestos is abated by the use of strict protocols, minimizing any risk of fibres escaping into the surrounding environment with effective air filtration devices. S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition takes pride in subsequent to every applicable industry standard.


Gippsland Asbestos Removal Service

S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition is a certified asbestos removal expert serving Gippsland, Victoria. Through our licensed, certified and highly trained team, we guarantee reliability, quality, and safe asbestos abatement services. S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition provide asbestos removal services to commercial, government and residential properties.

Dealing with harmful materials is not just disruptive to daily work and living, but it is a major health concern to those that work and live around it. We pride ourselves in utilizing the very best and the safest techniques for the ecological remediation and disposal of Asbestos, so that our Gippsland customers are assured of a safe environment both while and after the work has been completed.

It’s about small details, our crew does not take shortcuts. Each asbestos abatement project is completed with strict protocol, safety in mind and professionalism.

The asbestos can be a severe health risk if not abated properly, and we’re here to assist mitigate the situation. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT YOURSELF, call Steve at S.S.M Asbestos Removal and Demolition to assess the possible harmful occurrence of asbestos in your property. Don’t hesitate, remove the danger in your home or work areas.

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